Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daughter Names

I've always loved thinking about what i want to name my children. As of now, I have trillions of girls names. I love the idea of my daughter's having a name that has history and power. I want to name them after women who have made a difference in my life. Here are my top names.

Edith (Edie)
Edie is breathtaking and heartbreaking. She is spontaneous and full of wonder and chaos. She is damaged and wild and lost and it makes everyone fall in love with her.


I fell in love with the book and fell in love with Lolita. She is charmingly restless and rebellious. Lolita, with all the scandal put aside, is more powerful than she could ever know.

Candice (Candy)

Candy walks on the wild side. She is an artist. The loveliest artist you'll ever meet.


The little girl that I've envied since I was a little girl. She is rawther silly and rawther foolish and yet so chic. Charge it to the room please and thank you.

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