Sunday, December 28, 2008

Williams and Ledger

Somehow, Heath Ledger managed to become someone I greatly admired and cared for. He reminded me of people I love, my first love, and myself. I don't know why this vulnerability came about so strongly, but his death seemed more devastating and more real to me than anything had in some time. I guess the symbolism in his death was the hardest thing for me to cope with. At this point in our world, the loss of something purely good seems to be incredibly tragic and destructive. I have to say that all the annoying bloggy love posts about his death [omg heath i totally loved you RIP im praying for you] seem fake and tacky and I don't want this post to be about his death, I just want it to be about his talent and my respect for the work he has done. This post would be here with or without his death.

His best performance was in Candy. Heartbreaking. You'll just have to see it for yourself to understand (watch the first minute or so to get an idea.) Second is Brokeback Mountain. Like I said, you just have to see for yourself. You'll notice a pattern of subtlety in his acting- that is what his strength is. And of course, -and now nominated- The Dark Knight (I've got to say I found him incredibly sexy as The Joker. What can I say.)

While we are at it. I think Michelle Williams is beautiful and broken and damaged and therefore someone I love. I read a really heartbreaking interview of her and it made me really respect her. You can find the interview here. I can't wait to see Wendy and Lucy.

A few pictures and clips I like

Really cool painting by Vincent Fantauzzo

I thought this was darling. Mainly because of the fact that Michelle Williams looks like a grumpy 12 year old girl in her little ruffled one piece. Oh boy...

I think we all know why this picture is here. Love the ChloƩ dress.

Heath Ledger On The Ellen Show

Ledger and Williams At the Oscars
(Oh to have Heath Ledger call me his lovely little lady.)

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