Monday, June 29, 2009

Colleen's Wonderland

I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago a few years ago, and Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle was on exhibit. It was magical and intricate, and it has always been my dream to recreate something like that for my daughter (if I only have boys, it could be a slight problem.) If you are ever in Chicago, make this exhibit a priority! Colleen Moore was a silent film star in the 1930's, and she donated the castle to the museum in 1949. Take a tour of the castle here- this wonderland includes the world's tiniest written bible, murals and paintings by Walt Disney, real Mother of Pearl floors, and real gold sinks and treasures! There is so much history in this castle, and the treasures inside have so much meaning- the entire thing is really fascinating. If only we were tiny enough to live in this whimsical fairyland...

The Princess' Bathroom
"Here in the Princess' Bathroom, the crystal walls are etched to tell the story of Undine. The tub is made of silver, and real water flows from the dolphin's mouths."

The Princess' Bedroom
"The bed is the one that Sleeping Beauty slept in. The bedspread is the gold spider web that covered her for 100 years. The chairs are platinum and set with real diamonds and emeralds. The floor is made of mother of pearl."

photo and quotation credit MSI

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